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Wujiang Jinliang Weaving Co.,Ltd

Wujiang Jinliang Knitting and Textile Factory, located in Langzhong Village, Shengze Town, Suzhou, is located in the garden city of China. It was registered with the Market Supervision Bureau of Wujiang District, Suzhou on August 24, 2000. Its registered capital is 500,000 RMB. During the 19 years of its development and growth, we have always provided good products and technical support and sound after-sales service to our customers. Our factory owner To manage chemical fiber fabric weaving, sales: chemical fiber raw materials, silk fabrics, clothing. Adhering to the investment concept of moderate scale, top equipment, quality and brand consideration, the company introduced the textile technology and equipment of top textile manufacturing enterprises in Germany, Switzerland, Italy and other textile industries, and realized the great transfer of textile production from traditional labor-intensive to capital-intensive and technology-intelligent. The company uses Swiss Loire air conditioning automatic control system, spinning automatic intermittent suction system, spinning single spindle detection, spinning broken end roving stop feeding, automatic winding single spindle tracking system, roving and fine winding automatic production system, spinning equipment whole area e system and seamless connection with ERP system, making full use of new technology, new talents and new products, leading enterprises to achieve follow-up to Leading leaps and bounds have created a leading position in many projects of equipment allocation in the textile industry. The 6s-21s combed yarn, compact spinning, siro spinning and all kinds of customized pure cotton slub yarn products produced by the company have been highly recognized by customers in the denim yarn market, and have been highly praised by peers, and have a broad market prospect.


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